Down Sizing Your Home

In the last number of years the number of over 55″s coming to JEArchitecture looking for advice and help with ‘down sizing’ has significantly increased.

The obvious choice is to relocate to a bungalow, but in most instances, these are hard to find and highly sought after and as a result the saving gained from selling a larger property may be lost in the pursuit of an ideal home, that is downsized to meet your changing needs.

Downsizing is exactly that. It means relocating to a home at least half the size of your former home and it means getting rid of most of your stuff. Furniture designed for larger homes doesn’t generally work in a smaller home, so de cluttering has to be a significant apart of the process.

What’s important to get right from the outset, is to be accurate on what rooms and floor area you will require first of all. Where do you want to live is of real importance? Trading down to the country may seem like living the dream lifestyle in idyllic pastoral or seaside settings. But the reality could prove a nightmare. Moving away from one’s support network, just to save a few pounds may not be the best move.

The important thing to get right is to insure that your new home is fit for purpose and will fulfil all of your needs for the later stages of life. A warm comfortable and accessible home has to be a minimum requisite and that’s where your JEArchitecture consultation can come in to give you the best advice.

We have worked with a number of clients who have downsized in the last number of years, all of whom have had very different briefs, with some very exciting results.

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