Opinions of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance or an Opinion on Compliance is required for all new build work and for all alterations, additions or extension work to an existing property to ensure that all works have been carried out in accordance with any Planning Permission granted and the Building RegulationsSince the introduction of the Building Control Amendment Regulations 2013, it is now part of a statutory process, which is managed on the BCMS system for all new building work over 40 sq.m

Certificates of Compliance are prepared by an Architect, an Architectural Technologist, an Engineer or a Surveyor to certify that they have supervised your construction project and that it has been built in compliance with Building and Planning Regulations.

You will be asked to supply this on the sale or mortgage of your house. If you have not employed an architect, engineer or surveyor and you do not have a Certificate of Compliance, then you will have to provide an Opinion of Compliance. An Opinion of Compliance is similar, but it does not offer you the same assurances that a Certificate of Compliance will do. The Opinion of Compliance is carried out after the completion of the project and is generally only based on a visual inspection of the works.

Our Certificates of Compliance cover the following;

  • Opinion/Certificate of Compliance with Planning and Building Regulations
  • Opinion/Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations
  • Certificate of Exemption with Planning

All our Certificates of Compliance are prepared in compliance with the Law Society of Ireland standard format.

“Conveyancing  06/06/2014

Following the introduction of the new Buildings Regulations (SI no 9 and SI no 105 of 2014), the Conveyancing Committee advises practitioners that they should seek a certificate of compliance in the following situations for individual houses, residential units in multi-unit developments, and extensions.

Houses and apartments where a commencement notice for works is lodged on or after 1 March 2014: The only certificate of compliance with the Building Regulations that will be required is a copy or a certified copy of the certificate of compliance on completion in the form prescribed in the sixth schedule to SI no 9, as registered with the Building Control Authority. If the register and the copy certificate are accessible to the public, a copy only is required. Otherwise a certified copy should be furnished.

Houses and apartments where a commencement notice for any works was served prior to 1 March 2014: A certificate of compliance with the Building Regulations will be required in one of the acceptable existing forms.”

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We carry adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance which offers you the protection and peace of mind for all certificates furnished by us.