It’s that time of year again, dark and cold days are on the way. This means more time spent indoors keeping warm. Heating and
What is Retention Planning permission? ​ ​ Building works which are not exempted from Planning Regulations are called  ‘unauthorised developments’ and they require a
A common question we get at JEArchitecture from clients looking to undertake a building project usually starts in relation to land zoning or land
A Certificate of Compliance is required for all new build work and for all alterations, additions or extension work to an existing property to
With clients looking to take on a design project a common question which we find is ‘What are the building costs per m2’. At
Renovations are on the up in Ireland with homeowners extending and upgrading their homes energy ratings. JEArchitecture is Dublin based Architects practice who can
One unlikely benefit of the Covid-19 Pandemic is that we are finally starting to realise that health is a collective concern not a private