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Home Renovation

Renovations are on the up in Ireland with homeowners extending and upgrading their homes energy ratings. JEArchitecture is Dublin based Architects practice who can offer you a range of Architectural services to help you with your home renovation or extension. We will work closely with you to understand your individual problems and help find solutions to them, using our experience, training and creativity. We also try to make the building process as easy as possible for you. As architects we understand the importance of value, and endeavour to design all our buildings to stand the test of time by using sustainable materials and systems. We are a design-driven architecture practice and we are passionate about context informed architecture, created for modern and contemporary living. If you’re planning to undertake a renovation or extension to your home. You should take your time and look into the areas that are most beneficial to invest in. What works and what doesn’t with the current layout? Do you need more light? Is it difficult to heat? Would you like more storage? Bad ventilation? By doing this it will help you be realistic about your budget and give us a clear vision of what you want to do. Always remember to leave yourself a little extra budget to account for contingencies. We would suggest a contingency fund of at least 10% of the overall budget. Take advantage of incentives. There are several government schemes available to give you a helping hand when upgrading your home. Just make sure you employ a builder who is registered and tax compliant! See more at and Grants values available
Energy Upgrades   Grant Value  
Insulation Attic insulation €400  
  Cavity wall insulation €400  
  Internal Insulation (Dry Lining)    
  Apartment (any) OR Mid-terrace House €1,600  
  Semi-detached OR End of Terrace €2,200  
  Detached House €2,400  
  External Wall Insulation (‘The Wrap’)    
  Apartment (any) OR Mid-terrace House €2,750  
  Semi-detached OR End of Terrace €4,500  
  Detached House €6,000  
Heat Pumps      
  Air to Water €3,500  
  Ground Source to Water €3,500  
  Exhaust Air to Water €3,500  
  Water to Water €3,500  
  Air to Air €600  
Heating System Heating Controls Upgrade €700  
Solar Water Heating Solar Water Heating €1,200  
Building Energy Rating (BER)   €50  
Do more, receive more Number of Upgrades   Bonus Value
Bonus for multiple upgrades For 3rd upgrade   €300
  For 4th upgrade   €100
  You need to take into account the new building regulations 2019 when planning your budget. Homeowners planning to undertake major renovations or extensions will be required to ensure that the whole dwelling meets the higher energy rating BER of B2 upon completion under new building regulations. Where more that 25 per cent of the surface of the building is undergoing renovation or an extension there will be a requirement that the whole building should achieve an energy efficiency of B2 or cost optimal level. This can drive up the cost of your project two-fold. For existing buildings, it is proposed that major renovation is typically activated under the following circumstances, where the work affects greater than 25% surface area of the existing dwelling:
  • External Wall Renovation, external or internal insulation
  • External Wall & Window Renovation
  • External Wall & Roof Renovation
  • External Wall & Floor Renovation
  • New Extension
The cost optimal level is a primary energy performance of less than 125 kWh/m2/yr (B2 BER) when calculated using DEAP or upgrade of roof insulation and heating system. Painting, re-plastering, rendering, re-roofing, cavity wall insulation are not considered major renovation works. To ensure that your renovation or extension complies with the new building regulations it is essential to hire an Architect to advise and guide you with Tender/Construction drawings. Tender/Construction drawings are a detailed set of documents which are prepared by an Architect to help with the construction of a building and are accompanied by a book of specifications. Your architect will identify every aspect of the construction process. Your architect will demonstrate how the building is put together, stating the method of construction and every material used such as insulation and finishes. Your architect will be the  framework to ensure everything is clearly defined and in full compliance with all the current building regulations. Your architect will also allow you to describe to the builder exactly what you want your house to look like and be used as Building Control Compliance drawings. Tender/Construction drawings and a book of specifications contain all of the relevant information needed to achieve the desired BER. JEArchitecture can undertake a provisional BER calculation and incorporate the exact specifications needed to achieve the required BER for your renovation. Starting a renovation or extension without a set of Tender/Construction drawings and a book of specifications will lead to cost and design complications with the builder.   Once you have gone through the above and made your decision about your renovation or extension and need advice and guidance, JEArchitecture are architect in Dublin, working in the greater Dublin area and are always available for a consultation. We would be more than happy to help you design and alter or build your dream home.

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