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All too often, when I’m advising clients at the beginning of a design process, or when a client calls me in many years after a construction, I come across the what I call the ‘for the sake of it’ design decision or design mistake.

When deciding upon a design decision, it’s imperative that it makes sense and that a design decision is never made just for the sake of it. One of the most common examples of this you’ll come across as an architect, is the extension built into a space simply because it can or could be built into a space.

This sort of a decision simply made and executed, leads to many different regrets and complications in time, for a myriad of reasons such as bad light, poor access, bad construction and worst of all, it has to be demolished and rebuilt years later simply because it was a bad idea in the first place – the sort of mistakes that gives us Architects lots of work! Its also costly and wasteful to make such poor design decisions.

A particular example that I came across recently and have come across regularly enough, was when I called to meet with clients who felt they wanted to extend into their attic space. These people taught they would do this because they had the space there and simply they would gain an extra space. They definitely needed extra space but did they really need it here? was my first question.

When we discussed what their needs really were, we concluded that doing the laundry at the top of two flights of stairs, didn’t really make that much sense. Once we looked closely at the brief requirements, the budget and the sensible thing to do, we designed a small contemporary extension to the ground floor to add additional space and a laundry room, which was not just definitely not just done for the sake of it, but because it made much more sense and made in the end made for a much happier and satisfied client space.

When making a design decision, there must be genuine reasons for every decision, and the more reasons that support the design the decision, the better the decision and consequent result.

Advice: Never make a decision decision just for the sake of it.

Joseph English MRIAI

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