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Is it worth it?

Is it Worth It?

Obviously if you ask an Architect to give you advice, you’re going to get a particular type of advice.

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An Architect is not going to tell you how to get fit or improve your relationship, but he/she is going to give you the best advice on how to improve or maximise your home if that’s what you’re thinking of doing.

Something I regularly come across when I first meet a client, can be the question ’Is it worth it?’ or ‘Am I mad to do this?’ or an amalgam of these types of dilemmas. Normal questions when you’re looking for expert advice.

So when I answer these questions, I always say to my client that “I’m an Architect and I’m going to give you an Architects’ answer”. If you’re asking me what to spend your hard earned money on, I’m always going to see the benefits of good architecturally-designed space in one’s life, I’m not going to advise you to waste your money, but I am going to advise you on how best to invest it in a better living experience.

On the point of whether it’s worth it financially or not, I’d have to point out that I’m no financial expert. That in most cases what you spend on improving and extending your home, will not really come back to you financially when or if you go to sell it. If however you have improved your home using an architect, you can advertise your home as having been ‘architecturally designed’ and it will definitely command a premium over similar properties. But ultimately there are other economic factors at play when selling your home in the future.

However depending on your world view of course, generally speaking we will all only get one chance at this life, so with that uppermost in mind, living in a space that has great light, space, comfort, wins hands down all the time for me and for everyone else too. Honestly I think you’d be mad not to want to improve your space if you’re not happy with it.

Think about it? If you think about and compare the different spaces you’ve been in, you know which ones make you feel good and which ones make you feel not so good. When you pare it down to the elements of these buildings, it’s the bright, comfortable and spacious rooms/buildings that make us feel better and consequently live better lives. So if you ask this architect for that advice, you know what he’s going to say.

Joseph English MRIAI

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